2-ON + 2-ON > 4-ON –> Here’s how!

We’ve been telling you that 2-On + 2-On > 4-On

And this is what we mean!

With TWO canine fitness products that are different heights, you can strengthen your dog’s Front Limb, Body and Hind Limb Core.  You can work them on TWO unstable surfaces at different heights, so muscles are used on an incline, on the flat and on a decline.


Sitting on the K9 Kore Disk encourages your dog to sit in a tight, tucked position.

This position works on controlling the large muscles of the hips and pelvis which is an important area to strengthen, given all the iliopsoas injuries occuring recently.

With the forelimbs up on the ORBit and the hindlimbs on the K9 Kore Disk, the hind legs, body and front legs all benefit from weight shifting notions on the two unstable surfaces.

The inclined position puts the majority of weight on the dog’s hind legs and works on stabilization of the hips and lower back in an extended position.

Luring the dog forward and releasing it back to a neutral stance helps strengthen the muscles used to start and stop.

A dog this size can stand safely on the ORBit with a straight, level topline.  Standing squarely and keeping all four legs in place while performing weight shifting motions develops core strength, balance and proprioception.

A more advanced dog can perform motions such as circling left and right, targeting and paw lifts on the flat surface of the ORBit.  Since there is no hole on top and it is suctioned into the solid base, the ORBit will remain safely in place while the dog does these challenging exercises.

Sitting on the ORBit is an increased challenge over sitting on the K9 Kore Disk.

The higher surface increases the instability and thus the difficulty the dog experiences when using muscles to maintain balance and postural integrity.

Weight shifting while a dog is in this position will improve the strength of the pelvic region, as well as the hips, and help to tuck the hind legs under the hips for a tighter sit.

Movements such as barking and tail wagging on the ORBit create simple balance challenges that cause the dog to use body and limb core

muscless to maintain an upright position.

Other fun things such as catching a treat while standing with paws in place on the ORBit, ipsilateral (same side) oe increased strength and balance.

Or diagonal (front and back) leg lifts amp up the difficulty level and require increased strength and balance.

Working functional movements on the ORBit, such as Stand, Sit, Down and any combination therefore, strengthens the muscles used in those movements mover than doing them on a solid surface.


Because the dog must also work to keep its balance on an unstable surface while performing the exercises.

This is a great way to multitask obedience and fitness training with your small dog on the TotoFit ORBit.

Having the dog’s forelimbs in a standing position on the K9 Kore Disk while the hindlimbs are in a seated position on the ORBit keeps the small dog’s spine straight and uncompromised wihle working on the forelimbs and hip flexors.

Weight shifting movements are focused more on the front libs and upper body core, while keeping the hind legs in a functional tucked position.  The ORBit will remain safely in place on the floor in its base so there is no fear of slipping or flipping.

Working on a decline with the forelimbs on the K9 Kore Disk and the hindlimbs on the ORBit puts more weight on the front end and elongates the hip flexors.

Weight shifting exercises that stretch the dog forward and release back will focus on eccentric muscle contractions, strengthening muscles that slow down and stop forward motion.

Care should be taken to make sure the topline is level and not arched or dipped — adjusting the position of the front legs can often fix this.

As with all of these exercises, the ORBit will remain safely in place.


So, as we’ve just shown you, 2-Feet ON one unstable object and 2-Feet on a second unstable object of a different height will give your dog a more varied and thorough workout than having all 4-Feet on one object!

This is why we’ve put together our ORBit & Disk Package–it’s easily set up, easily stored and an affordable way to give your dog a TOT-ALL Core Strength Workout!

As always, Safe, Simple and Effective Exercises with TotoFit!

Deb & Martha 


  1. I really like all the different options and varieties for 4on! The equipment gives so many ways to adjust the difficulty of the exercise for each individual dog and his skills. Thank you for sharing – will definitely be using these in my training with my own dogs 🙂

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