About Debbie

Dr. Debbie Gross

Dr. Debbie Gross Torraca has been involved in the field of canine physical
rehabilitation and conditioning for over twenty years. She began her career in
human sports medicine and quickly made the transformation to canine physical
rehabilitation and sports medicine. She began with a BS at Boston University, and
then obtained an advanced MS from Quinnipiac College and a doctorate at the
University of Tennessee. She is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner,
and one of the founders of the University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation
Practitioner program.  Dr. Torraca believes that each day should be a
learning experience and continuously seeks opportunities to further her education
in the classroom and through real life experiences!

Working with K-9 Fitness Equipment over the past 20 years, Deb has seen
the need for higher quality pieces at more affordable prices. Her desire to combine
safety and simplicity in an exercise program has resulted in the Toto Fit line with
burst resistant material and textured surfaces that a dog can hold itself more
securely on, all in an awesome purple color!

Debbie can be reached at: debbie@totofit.com