International Retailers


Rehabilitation and Canine Fitness Products




Dorte Martina,

They can ship throughout Europe! 



Rico Yamada, Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation

TotoFit products have arrived in Japan.  Check out the website above!



Jaime Jackson, BVSc CCRT

They can ship to New Zealand, as well.  Contact them for shipping prices!



Jo & Matt Dorrell


European customers, contact them for shipping prices, they will be happy to help you out.



We no longer have a retailer in Canada. 
We can ship products to a US Border address, accompanied by an invoice appropriate for border customs payment.  

OR we can ship into Canada by the US Postal Service

Neither option can be done online and will require that we manually invoice you. 
USPS shipping costs into Canada are expensive. 
For instance: 
1 set of Smooth TotoPAWDS/1 set of Nubby TotoPAWDS/1 set of 2 or 4 MATZ/1-30 cm Infinity/1-40 cm Infinity/1-50 cm Infinity/1 wedGEE OR 1 DISKit can ship in a Medium Flat rate box for $51.05 USD (please note ONE item only will fit in the box; so, yes, a $35 set of SmoothPAWDS will cost $51.05 to ship)
1 Roller/1 Wedge/1-70 cm Infinity OR 1-85 cm Infinity can ship in a Large Flat Rate box for $67.05 USD (please note ONE item only will fit in the box; so, yes a $35 Wedge will cost $67.05 to ship)
Other individual larger items (K9 Kore Disk, ORBit, BISkit) will likely be over $100 for shipping.
These prices are what the postal service charges for international priority mail into Canada — we have no control over them.  There is no other USPS option and FedEx is more expensive.
Canadians, please email if you would like to make arrangements to purchase something.


PLEASE NOTE:  Products that are not purchased directly from one of the above TotoFit approved retailers are not covered by our warranty.  


We are interested in spreading the #PurpleLove internationally and welcome retail inquiries from qualified businesses in other countries. International retailers should have an estabished online webstore, as well as canine fitness/rehab knowledge. 

Email us at: