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So ALL our #PURPLE Canine Fitness products are #PhthalateFree, including our PVC poles!



Welcome to Toto Fit LLC, K-9 Balance & Core Work Products

Every dog can benefit from core exercises and the benefits will help them live the best quality life for the longest time possible.

Whether your dog is a professional couch surfer, your faithful walking companion, a senior starting to lose their muscle mass and balance, or a competitive performance dog, maintaining core strength is an essential component of a healthy, sound life.  The good news is: Core fitness exercises are fun and easy to integrate into your dog’s daily routine.  

CHECK out WHY core exercises are good for every dog:

TotoFit NO-FRILLS Packaging!

In an effort to conserve natural resources and pass savings onto you, we don’t put our products in expensive boxes. As part of our #FreeResources policy, exercises for individual pieces of equipment can be found in our website BLOGS, available to anyone. This is how we can bring you #Quality #CanineFitness products at an #AffordablePrice.
And because all our #PURPLE inflatable products are Latex, Lead, BPA and Phthalate Free, we feel just fine about Zoe holding that Smooth TotoPAWD™.


TotoFit Burst Resistant Quality INFINITIES: deflate S-L-O-W-L-Y when punctured. The original BRQ process was developed by our manufacturer in 1998.

The pictures tell the story!

T H I C K, THICK, thick!


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Phthalate Free, REACH Compliant, Latex Free, #3 Recycleable