About Martha


Martha McCormick has a BS in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts and
worked as a Veterinary Technician through college and after. Her enthusiasm for Dressage as a
rider and competitor cultivated her interest in equine movement and biomechanics, which
accompanied her into the world of dogs. Martha has had Silken Windhounds since 2008 and
Bernese Mountain Dogs since the early 1990s. She currently breeds Berners on a limited basis
under the kennel name of Asgaard. It is her belief that it is every breeders responsibility to give
the puppies they bring into the world the best possible start in life, and continues to seek out
new ways to do this. She has experimented with puppy core/balance work for the last five
years on her own litters with the guidance of Dr. Torraca, and together they have come up with
safe, innovative equipment and programs for dogs of all ages.

Martha was the first individual certified through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy gold standard Fitness Trainer program, and is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, CPCFT.  The course involves a rigorous 24 weeks of daily class interaction over the course of 8 months, followed by comprehensive case studies and a cumulative final exam.

Martha attended and competed at the prestigious 2017 World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany, with her 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Asgaard’s Welcome to the New Age.  He is one of the Berner puppies in our website pictures.  She and “Imagine” won a very large Open Dog class, after an exhausting week of demonstrating TotoFit at the trade show there, a true testament to how core conditioning can help build muscle, balance and endurance with conformation dogs!

She can be reached at: martha@totofit.com