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paw_18_pad Our Philosophy: Keeping it Safe ~ Keeping it Simple


Toto Fit was established to bring equipment, education and knowledge to all dogs and their owners in a safe and affordable manner.

We have been involved with competition dogs and canine fitness for a combined thirty-five years, which has given us the opportunity to work hands-on with thousands of dogs of all ages and conditions.  We believe every dog deserves to live the best quality of life for the longest time possible, and every owner should have the opportunity and knowledge to help them achieve this.

Our goal is to bring the best quality equipment to every owner in order to offer their dog the best quality of life.  Our mission is to advocate safe and simple exercise movements, with an emphasis on quality!

In this ever changing world, quality is often compromised for quantity. Our canine exercise principles have always centered on quality, and we have carried this through to our equipment.

We have personally researched and tested the products, as well as personally met with the manufacturer:  We feel confident we are bringing our customers great quality at an affordable price. paw_18

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Phthalate Free, REACH Compliant, Latex Free, #3 Recycleable

Dr. Deb Gross Torraca, along with Martha McCormick, is a founding member and co-owner of TotoFit LLC.

Dr. Torraca is the founder and owner of Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC.  Dr. Torraca has no affiliation with any other companies that are engaged in similar enterprises, including but not limited to the FitPaws Company and its associated brands.

For more information about the content of our products please see this Declaration Of Conformity – Toto Fit 2018 provided by our manufacturer.

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