Frequently Asked Questions

 Take a look through some answers to questions we encounter often regarding our products:

Can I order just a K-9 Kore Disk? Without the base?

The K-9 Kore Disk is only sold with the base.

Can I order products outside of the United States?

Please see our international retailer page for this information:

International Retailers



Does the Infinity have any texture to it? I have another brand now and it’s gotten slippery for the dogs.

The 85 cm ,70 cm and 30 cm Infinities are made of Burst Resistant material, meaning that if there is a puncture they will deflate rather than pop. They also has a slight texture to them, rather than the usual smooth and slippery surface found on most inflatable balance equipment. This makes it easier for the dog’s paws to stay in place while they are standing still and prevents slipping when they are moving.

Does your equipment come with instructions for use?

All products come with information on inflation, size, and weight capabilities. Please check out our blog for more instructions, demonstrations and ideas!

Why do K-9 Kore Disks have different textures in pictures?

When you order a K-9 Kore Disk with Base you receive one base and one disk. The disk has different surfaces on each side.

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