TOTO FIT – The Real Deal !!

Wiktionary defines THE REAL DEAL as AN AUTHENTIC BARGAIN…..and that’s what TotoFit is!


Our Italian manufacturer designed the original Swiss fitness ball for humans and put two of them together in 1994 to form the Physio Roll – a shape that has been copied by many. Dr. Debbie used the human Physio Roll in her early canine rehabilitation work and it’s even on the cover of her 2007 Get on the Ball™ DVD.  We had it manufactured in purple Burst Resistant Quality [BRQ] for dogs and call it the Infinity.  Our products are not cheap knock-offs  – They are THE REAL DEAL.

Burst Resistant Quality vinyl was introduced to the inflatable fitness product world in 1998, by our manufacturer.  TotoFit’s ORBit and our 85, 70, 50, 40 and 30 cm Infinities are all made from the original BRQ material and deflate slowly when punctured – They are THE REAL DEAL.

Our BRQ Infinities are made of thicker and more substantial material than the fitness industry standard.  Feel free to ask for a material sample! The Burst Resistant Quality also gives texture to the surface, so they are not slippery – THE REAL DEAL.

Because we are concerned about the health and safety of your pets, all our inflatable products are manufactured to comply with the European Union Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals standards (REACH – EC 1907/2006) and contain no lead, BPA, latex or phthalates, in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for children’s products – They are THE REAL DEAL.


Our manufacturer is a family run business since 1963.  They take pride in the fact that their production processes do not create any toxic emissions in the atmosphere. They are THE REAL DEAL.


It only makes sense that superior products like ours are expensive to manufacture and import, right?  Yet, did you know that TotoFit’s every-day prices are more affordable than other canine fitness products?  Rather than offering constant discounts, our focus is on sustaining value through quality education and providing equipment that we have great confidence in.  We rarely have sales and we have no US wholesale network — TotoFit is only available through us!


Because having no intermediary distribution channels allows us to keep TotoFit’s standard retail prices up to 20% less than others, so we are able to provide #Quality #Affordable #CanineFitness products to the END CONSUMER –> YOU, our valued customer!

                                  AND THAT’S THE REAL DEAL!

Always Keeping It Real!

Debbie and Martha 

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