TO INFINITY …and BEYOND!!** How to chose the right size for your dog!

Our TotoFit Infinities were created by putting two original Fitness Balls together.  Both sides are even, and they are wonderfully balanced, having equal surfaces in contact with the floor, front and back, so they don’t wobble end-to-end.  This provides a significant safe area on top, length and width, for your dog to work on.

The thick, Phthalate Free, Burst Resistant Quality (BRQ) material produces a tactile surface for traction.  BRQ, developed by our manufacturer in the 1990s, means that our products deflate slowly when punctured — no popping, loud noises or dropping the dog dangerously to the ground.

Your dog should be able to stand lengthwise on the TotoFit Infinity with a level topline — no arches or dips — and have all four legs squarely under its body, as in the picture above.

Therefore, to determine the proper size Infinity, you should measure the distance between your dog’s front and back legs and compare it to the measurements below.

Our largest BRQ Infinity can be inflated to 85 cm diameter (or 85 cm from the floor to the highest point), and is 42″ long.  The  top working surface is 32+” long.


Our 70 cm BRQ Infinity is 36″ long with a working surface of 28+”.


Our Nubby Infinity is 28″ long with a working length of 22″.


Our 40 cm BRQ Infinity is about 24″ long with a working length  of 20

And our BRQ 30 cm Infinity is 18″ long with a working length of 12+”


As a reference, this is a 95 pound Bernese Mountain Dog standing on our TotoFit 85 cm Infinity — she has plenty of area to stand and move around on!

  • All TotoFit Infinities can hold up to 270 pounds worth of dog.
  • An 85 cm Infinity will not offer the same balance challenge to a small dog as a 50 cm Infinity will.  If you are only purchasing one Infinity, chose the size that is slightly longer than your dog’s front-leg-to-hind-leg measurement.  If in doubt, send us an email!

** Quote from Buzz Lightyear


  1. I have measured and remeasured my Golden Retriever bitches and from the front of the front foot to the rear of the back foot is 27″. Which infinity do you think I should buy?

    Sandy Scudder

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