MinFinity Mountain


We’ve put together a great product package for small to medium size dogs ~~ A MINI version of our INFINITY MOUNTAIN ~~ for a safe, effective total body workout!



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K-9 Kore BISkit™

Our K-9 Kore BISkitTM is an exciting new addition to the TotoFit LLC canine fitness line.  It’s straight sides provide increased instability to your dog’s core fitness program.  The 15.75” diameter makes it a great product to use with smaller dogs who require an advanced whole-body balance challenge or use it for front or hind feet with medium to large dogs.

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Nubby Infinity

The Nubby Infinity is a fun and safe alternative to working with the regular Infinity. It is made of our standard quality material, but offers a wonderful textured surface that allows the dog to work on its core strength, balance and proprioception, as well as digital and foot strength.

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For the month of OCTOBER 2018, we’ll include a Toto TUG TOY with every MinFinity Mountain Order!

Start from the floor up with the TotoFit DISKit, to the BISKit, to the 30 cm Burst Resistant Quality Infinity onto the 50 cm Nubby Infinity Summit.  Turn around and go back down for a total canine body workout.  On the way up, exercise focuses on the hind end and abdominal core muscles; on the way down, on the front end and abdominal core muscles.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: TotoFit BISkit, DISKit, 30 cm Infinity & 50 cm Nubby Infinity

Not sure if this is the correct size for your dog?  Shoot us an email and we’ll help you out: info@totofit.com

Or this BLOG can help: TO INFINITY & BEYOND

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in





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