Canine Fitness Month INFINITY & HOLDER – Make Your Own Package


Canine Fitness Month MAKE YOUR OWN PACKAGE:

For the month of April you can purchase an individual 50 cm, 70 cm or 85 cm Infinity along with the appropriate size individual holder!  


ADD ON a K9 Kore Disk/Base for the discounted price of $80.00 with code: CFMDisk

Just click the link, add it to your CART and use the discount code.

ADD ON a K9 Kore ORBit/Base for the discounted price of $87.00 with code: CFMORBit

Just click the link, add it to your CART and use the discount code.

Best of all – you can use BOTH codes and get BOTH products with your purchase of  our Canine Fitness Month Infinity and Holder Package! 

CLICK on Product for individual Infinity descriptions: 50 cm Nubby Infinity, 70 cm & 85 cm Infinity





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The physioroll shape is one that has been used in human fitness and rehab programs for many years–and was originally created when our manufacturer put two Swiss Balls together to make it in 1994 .  It is a tried and true shape that provides sufficient area and support for safety, as well as sufficient instability to create balance challenges and work core muscles.  In order to have the most benefit, it needs to have controlled movement.


Our Infinity shape is very versatile and can be used for a variety of canine exercises.

**A dog can put two legs on it, front or hind, and elevate one end over the other.

**It can stand with all four legs on it.

**A dog can roll it.

**A dog can put two legs up on it while the Infinity is on one end.

**More advanced dogs who compete in jumping or flyball sports can use it for plyometric training or to practice low impact turns.

It’s important that the Infinity is the proper size for your dog.  One size does not fit all.  You can learn about that here: Chosing the Right Size Infinity
Or send us an email at: 

For dogs and trainers new to canine fitness, having something to help keep the Infinity in place while the dog is developing balance and core strength and the handler is learning handling skills, is advantageous.  That’s where our individual Infinity Holders come in!

TotoFit’s Infinty Holders are made of 3/4″ marine grade, phthalate free PVC pipe.  Our original design includes Tees on each post to keep the Infinity more secure and prevent injury should a dog step on them.

Our inset front section can be positioned to hold the Infinity even more securely in place and allows our K9 Kore Disk or ORBit base to be placed against the Infinity.  And the holder comes apart for easy storage!

A great opportunity to purchase this special combo!


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 4 in
Chose Infinity Size

40 cm Infinity, 50 cm Nubby Infinity, 70 cm Infinity, 85 cm Infinity


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